About Us

Wattsware isn’t your average PR agency. In addition to our solid experience with getting great press coverage and social media results for clients, we’ve also written for numerous print and online publications and created award-winning software. Clients that we've worked with from their infancy have gone public, been acquired by industry leaders, and been featured by Apple and Google. This wide range of experience makes us the ideal PR partner for technology companies that want to hire an agency that feels more like a part of the team than a group of outsiders.

We purposely work with a very small number of clients at any given time because we genuinely care about your success and don’t want to be distracted. Our focused approach and ongoing results have led to client relationships that typically last for years instead of months.

We're based near Destin, Florida, but we work with companies from all over the world.


Brandon Watts :: Founder and Principal
Brandon has been involved with PR and marketing for more than 15 years. He’s worked with brand new startups, well-known companies with hundreds of millions of users, and everything in-between. He’s served as a Global PR Lead, Account Director, Social Media Practice Lead, and a Product / Technology / Brand Advocate while working with companies both directly and through other agencies.

Additionally, Brandon started blogging and writing about technology before people even knew what a blog was. He was a columnist for over 11 years, and he still contributes to publications such as Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Adweek, Wired, and The Next Web.

Brandon is also the creator of the award-winning Leopard programming language, which was a tool that made it easy for anyone to create their own software. Thanks in part to a partnership with WeatherBug, Leopard was able to reach a large community of users and students.